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About Us

Our leadership team is made up of a diverse group of experts ranging in sectors of public policy, combat sports, entertainment, marketing and communications.

 Rowhouse International was born out of Keith's vision to create a premier entertainment showcasing and promotion company in the Pacific Northwest. But this vision came largely from his own background and experience. Keith experienced hardships growing up and has an extensive background in community organizing. Not surprising that he has kept community building at the forefront of all he does. This is where one of Rowhouse's pillar values comes into play, we have a responsibility to reach back and use some of our most challenging experiences to share with others and help one another along the way. Whether it's giving new opportunities, mentorship, volunteering, advocating, or just living authentically, there is something that we can all offer to others. This is what Keith has exemplified and this is what he brings to Rowhouse International.

Keith Blocker: Founder


VP of Communications Sharayah Lane has an extensive professional background in journalism and multimedia marketing, Sharayah also brings her lived experience, community ties, work in the public sector and passion for social justice through community empowerment to this work. Sharayah has been involved with community organizing as well as highlighting local talent in the Seattle area for years. As a Black and Native member of the Lummi Nation, Sharayah works to pass on to the next generations the culture and teachings that cultivated her journey. 

Sharayah Lane: VP of Communications

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Demetrius Morgan: CEO

 Rowhouse International's CEO Demetrius Morgan is a family man at heart and brings a background in social work, combat sports, real estate and lived experience that translates into a passion for this company and everything it stands for. Demetrius got into boxing later in life and quickly turned his attention from his own training to seeing boxing and combat sports as a platform for healthcares, wellness and vitality for all. His years of work as a mentor working with homeless youth is the driving force behind the vision of incorporating social consciousness into all that we do.

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Terrance Hamilton: Chief of Operations

“TDH” raised on the south side streets of Columbus, Ohio, life has been a test at times. Growing up through the confusion of an
absent father and a mother dealing with her own addictions, TDH quickly gravitated towards the streets and the gang life. TDH is not
a one dimensional guy though, as one listen to his music will quickly show you. At the same time the streets were calling, so
were the lyrics and beats of a vibrant culture that TDH could identify with: Hip Hop

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